Healthy Heart Diet # Easy!
It's not always easy to eat right every day.  Despite our best attempts to do what's right for our health and heart, busy lifestyles mean that we often make poor dietary choices.

Bad cholesterol is often part of a poor diet, and something we all encounter from time to time.  It's impossible to eat the perfect foods every day, but staying course on a healthy diet is essential for maintaining a healthy heart.  This is particularly true if you are restoring your health or reducing your risk of heart attack.

Feed Your Heart
We've all learned that a diet high in saturated fats will help raise your cholesterol, and that cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease.  Obese people face an even greater risk of heart disease.  Diets high in sodium may elevate blood pressure, leading to inflammation or ultimately, heart disease.  You need to feed your heart, as well as your body, with the right foods everyday.  The following points will help you to keep a healthy heart diet:

Eat Plenty of Fish
Omega 3 essential fatty acids are helpful in reducing cholesterol to a healthier level.  A diet rich in fish including salmon, herring and sardines can provide your body with a healthy supply of Omega 3.

Choose Healthy Fats and Oils
Despite what many of us believe, even fats and oils can be healthy.  Monounsaturated fats such as olive oil can help protect your heart.  Olive oil is an ideal and delicious choice for cooking, dressing or as a dipping sauce.  
The "bad fats" that you need to watch out for are saturated fats, found in many foods including meat, butter and coconut oil.  These saturated fats should be avoided until you have reached healthy cholesterol levels and can maintain an ideal body weight.  If you are concerned that cutting out red meats will mean giving up protein, you can try protein-rich alternatives like nuts and seafood.

Get Lots of Fiber
Every healthy heart diet requires a good supply of fiber.  The fiber found in whole grain products can help control both cholesterol and sugar absorption.  While fiber is very good for your heart, it's a great aid to your digestive system as well.

Choosing Carbohydrates
Eating your way to a healthy heart means making sacrifices.  A diet high in sugars and carbohydrates is particularly bad for heart disease.  Stay away from sugary, high-carb foods including cookies, cakes, pastries and candy.  Choose healthy carbohydrates including whole grain breads and pasta, and brown rice.  Make fresh vegetables and fruits the focal point of your diet.

Cook Healthy
The days of dipping everything in batter and deep-frying are long gone.  These days, healthy heart diets dictate that foods be stir fried or lightly sautéed in canola or olive oil.  Steaming, baking, poaching and grilling are other smart cooking options.  Be sure to remove the fat from meats, and the skin from chicken before you cook it.  Both chicken and fish are best when baked in the oven.  Steaming vegetables can help maintain the most nutrients, as well as the natural flavour and crisp textures.  Avoid adding butter or cream sauces to your vegetables.  Instead, add flavour with a sprinkle of seasonings or a dash of lemon juice.

It's easy to make the decision to follow a healthy heart diet.  What takes time and effort is to turn those great ideas into lasting habits.  Eating healthy is great for your body, and you can find that it really is possible to ease it into your lifestyle.  Make smarter diet choices.  Your heart will thank you.