The Cellulite Cream Debate
jar of cream As you browse the aisles of your local general merchandise store, you will undoubtedly encounter a wide variety of different anti-cellulite treatments. You can barely open a magazine without seeing an ad or two touting the effectiveness of cellulite creams. These creams have been on the market for years and are constantly changing their compositions. However, despite the fact that they have existed for years, there is still no clear consensus as to whether they actually work or not. The truth is that the results are inconclusive. People who use these creams say one thing. The experts say the exact opposite. Compare the typical responses of these groups to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of cellulite creams.

What Users Say:

When you speak to people, women especially, that utilize cellulite creams in their fight against cellulite, you will likely find daily users. In fact, often they have tried every cream on the market until they found their cream of choice. They will likely testify that cellulite creams are effective. With daily use, users will tell you that their cellulite looks less noticeable and they have had pleasing results. Most often they apply their cellulite creams at least once a day, though many will use their cellulite creams morning and night. Cellulite cream users are generally big fans of their creams!

What Experts Say:

When you speak to experts about the efficacy of cellulite creams for reducing the appearance of cellulite, they will nearly always maintain that they could not possibly work. In fact, the majority of experts will maintain that because cellulite is actually fat cells trapped in the skin's connective tissue, it is not possible for a cream to penetrate and have any effect. They state that skin may appear slightly better due to the hydrating effects of the cream on the application area. However, they will quickly tell you it is not very likely that cellulite creams can actually eliminate the cellulite. Their conclusions may be based on science, however with so many people claiming the contrary, facts appear not to be hard and fast by any means.

Overall Advice:

Since the reviews are mixed when it comes to cellulite creams, there is only one thing remaining for you to do. You should try them and see for yourself. Begin with one brand if you're interested in cellulite creams. Try that brand, as directed on the packaging, for two weeks. If you aren't seeing the desired effects, look for another one with different ingredients. Try it for two weeks. Repeat this procedure until you find one with which you are happy. It may be necessary to try two or three before you settle upon one that seems to work for you.

In case they don't work, don't invest a great deal of money in them. Typically they cost fewer than $15 each. Therefore this is an affordable experiment for you undertake. Read up on them prior to making your selections to determine which ones other people love. Solicit recommendations from your friends who use them. If you take the advice of cellulite sufferers, you will probably be on the right track.